Welcome back to Lyon !

Dear Tribologists, Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

In 2021, the WTC will be held in Lyon (France) on September 5-10, 2021.

At this occasion we decided that the Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology traditionally organised beginning September, alternatively in Leeds and Lyon, will be a partner event of the WTC2021.

For this special occasion, we identified 4 main scientific topics revisiting past editions of Leeds-Lyon Symposium in Lyon :

1) Transient process in tribology

2) Multifacets of tribology

3) Energy & health

4) Interaction with operating environment

Furthermore, we will organise with our colleagues from Leeds a specific event inside the Leeds-Lyon Symposium in Memory of Professor Duncan Dowson.

If you want to participate to the Leeds-Lyon Symposium, please feel free to submit an abstract (deadline: 15 November, 2020) following this link and selecting "Partner Event - 48th Leeds-Lyon Symposium on Tribology": https://www.wtc2021.org/abstract/

Hoping to see you once more in Lyon for this friendly event that the Leeds-Lyon Symposium is.


For the Leeds-Lyon Organizing Committee

Nicolas Fillot, Julien Fontaine, Aurélien Saulot & Fabrice VILLE

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